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Note: The creator of this wiki has left this wiki in favor of using the Shipping Wiki.

Welcome to the Sonic ships Wikia[]

This is a wiki for all canon and fanon Sonic ships and their roles in different fanfictions.

Getting started[]

This is a table of the characters most commonly involved in ships and their shipping names. Note that some names were made up by me due to the lack of widely accepted ship names.

Character Sonic Shadow Silver Amy Blaze Rouge Knuckles Tails Cream Sally Robotnik
Sonic Sonadow Sonilver Sonamy Sonaze Sonouge Sonknux Sontails Soneam Sonally Sonyborg Sonbotnik
Shadow Sonadow Shadilver Shadamy Shadaze Shadouge Shadknux Shadails Shadeam Shadally Shadyborg Shadman
Silver Sonilver Shadilver Silvamy Silvaze Silvouge Knuxilver Tails and Silver Silream Silvally Robilver
Cyborg Sonic Sonyborg Shadyborg Cybamy Knuxyborg Tails and Cyborg Sonic
Amy Sonamy Shadamy Silvamy Blazamy Rougamy Knuxamy Tailsamy Creamy Sallamy Robamy
Blaze Sonaze Shadaze Silvaze Blazamy Rougaze Knuxaze Tailaze Blazeam Blazally Roboaze
Rouge Sonouge Shadouge Silvouge Rougamy Rougaze Knuxouge Tailsouge Rouge and Cream Rougally Robouge
Sticks Sonicks Shadicks Silvicks Knuxticks Tailsticks
Knuckles Sonknux Shadknux Knuxilver Knuxamy Knuxaze Knuxouge Knuxails Knuxcream Knuxally Knuxman
Tails Sontails Shadails Silvails Tailsamy Tailaze Tailsouge Knuxails Taiream Tails and Sally Eggtails
Cream Soneam Shadeam Silream Creamy Blazeam Rouge and Cream Knuxcream Taiream Saream Creamman
Sally Sonally Shadally Silvally Sallamy Blazally Rougally Knuxally Tails and Sally Sally and Cream Salmon
Robotnik Sonbotnik Shadman Robilver Robamy Roboaze Robouge Knuxman Eggtails Creamman Salmon Bobo


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